June 2014 - Volume 2 - Issue 1

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June 2014 - Volume 2 - Issue 1

tn Copertina Journal 

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pdf Issue 1 - 2014

An emerging social configuration: the “sports-media-sponsors triangle”

by Stefano Martelli
doi: 10.12863/ejssax2x1-2014x3

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UEFA financial fair play: the curse of regulation

Holger Preuss1, Kjetil K. Haugen2, Mathias Schubert3
doi: 10.12863/ejssax2x1-2014x1

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L’atto politico nel prisma della Corte Costituzionale

Felice Blando
doi: 10.12863/ejssax2x1-2014x2

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The use of protein supplementation among fitness center attendees. The protein project

Antonino Bianco
doi: 10.12863/ejssbx2x1-2014x4


Preliminary insights on the mental representation of the body in italians

Franco Viviani1,2 & Alessandra Locati2
doi: 10.12863/ejssbx2x1-2013x1

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Physical activity and glycemic control in a cohort of adolescents with type 1 diabetes: a pilot study

Giorgia Lamacchia1, Daniele Castelli1, Maria Alessandra Montalto1, Tatiana Moro2, Esamuela Mancuso1, Maria Gateva3, Antonino Patti1, Antonio Palma1
doi: 10.12863/ejssbx2x1-2014x2

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Assessment of autonomic function as marker of training status: the role of heart rate recovery after exercise

Angelo Cataldo1, Dario Cerasola1, Daniele Zangla1, Giuseppe Russo1, Fatma Nese Sahin2, Marcello Traina1
doi: 10.12863/ejssbx2x1-2014x3

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